Shopify vs Bigcartel Pros and Cons Review Comparison

Shopify vs Bigcartel Pros and Cons Review Comparison – Shopify blog apps and themes support

Shopify vs Bigcartel Pros and Cons Review Comparison – Shopify blog apps and themes support

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In this video we’re going to compare Shopify and Big Cartel now both of these are platforms for you to be able to sell things on for you to be able to host an online store and in this video we’re gonna go over the pros the cons and ultimately I’m going to announce a winner so stay tuned till the end so you can know which one of these two to go.

•Built For Ecommerce
•Better Credit Card Rates
•Better Add Ons and Apps
•Integrates with Pinterest, PLAs
And a ton of things

•Geared Towards “Artist”
•Simple Small Store
•Free Verisions

•You need 3rd Party Apps
•Fees for using a 3rd Party Payment Gateway

•Harder to Use
•Only for smaller merchants

For the winner Shopify I highly highly recommend shop site if you’re serious about Ecommerce all my friends everyone I know uses Shopify now on any store I’d start will % be Shopify but if you want to click here or I have links down in the show notes but if you click on my link sign up for a free day Shopify trial or sign up for your free Big Cartel site if you don’t believe me and you want to try them both out feel free to do that you can use the link up here or down below in the show notes and when you use my link I get a small little kickback from shop or Big Cartel which means that I in return will give you a free 30-minute consultation one-on-one consultation so if you want to get the free console use my link to sign up for free and if you don’t like it cancel it it’s not a big deal they’re not going to take money from you but you should try them both out and once again if you use my link I give you the three one-on-one consulting session to help you set up your ecommerce store so if you like this video click that subscribe button that way you get all my eating commerce videos to you for free on your YouTube channel on top of that you haven’t already click up here in my online store success pack now in the online store success pack I have marketing ideas I’ve checklists for starting your business so if you are going to start an Ecommerce business I’ve checked this up there on everything you’re going to need to do to start your business on top of that if you have any questions about anything in commerce related please leave it down below I check these and I respond to all of them so thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next video


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