Prepare For Your Next Move – Shopify articles

Prepare For Your Next Move – Shopify articles

Are you a list person? One of those who is good at planning out the details of a project or event? If you're facing a move, whether to a new home or new office, this article may provide you with a few good points to flesh out your plans.

Who said planning was the key to execution sure was right, at least when it comes to relocation. It sees as though there are a million points to consider and necessary sequence of events unique to each move. If you are not anticipating those things and setting them in place properly, something could go very wrong.

One item I believe critical to the success of a move is a good supply of moving blankets. "Moving blankets," you may ask, "Why moving blankets?" Well they're not as superfluous as they may sound. While you may have just thrown any old sheet or errant bedcover over an end table, piano bench, or bookcase and had things come out alright last time, moving blankets are like insurance – you'll be very glad you had them in place when the wrong time comes (and it will!).

Made of cotton or cotton / polyester blends, there are a lot of different kinds of moving blankets available on the market today. As you may expect, the heavier the blanket, the more protective, cushioning padding material found within the outer layers. As a whole the blanket serves to protect the furniture item from surface dirt, scratches and bruising. Moreover, the presence of a blanket provides peace of mind should the load in the moving van shift and a heavy box fall down on top of your protected piece. While not a guarantee, good quality moving blankets can save you money that otherwise might have gone to repairs or replacements. And the blankets can be re-used, making them a practical investment.


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